About us

Our path to Christ was forged through genuine experiences and reflections, leading us to a deeper understanding of faith and purpose. It was during this transformative journey that the concept for “Out of the Woodsie” emerged.
We recognized the power of our surroundings in shaping our daily experiences. With this insight, Out of the Woodsie aims to introduce meaningful decor that serves as both a reflection of faith and a reminder of God’s unwavering love.
Each item we offer has been carefully selected for its quality and message. More than just decorative pieces, they are touchpoints—reminders of a greater narrative and purpose.
By integrating these pieces into your home, we hope to foster an environment conducive to reflection, connection, and spiritual growth, irrespective of where you are on your faith journey.
We appreciate your trust in us and are excited to be a part of your journey.
Team Out of the Woodsie ❤️